Cub Scouts - Useful Information

We're the Blairgowrie & Rattray Cub Scouts, and we meet every Wednesday at 6.30pm

The Cub Scout Meetings

As well as lots of fun activities, there are a few special things that happen at every Cub Scout meeting.

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Sixer and Seconder Duties

Our Cub Scout pack is divided into four groups, or 'sixes' which are lead by 'Sixers' and 'Seconders'.

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There are loads of badges you can earn, which you can wear on your uniform.

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The Cub Scouts wear a special uniform - a jumper which you put your badges on, and a necker to show which Cub Pack you belong to.

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The Cub Scout Promise and Law

The Cubs make a special promise and have their own law.

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