What to expect at a Cub Scout meeting

As well as lots of fun activities, there are a few special things that happen at every Cub Scout meeting...

Grand Howl

Grand howl is a ceremony which we will do at the beginning and the end of each meeting. It is a traditional ceremony which is done by most cub Scout packs all over the world. We also have flag break where we open the flag at the start of the meeting and then we have flag down at the end of the meeting.


We will have inspection every week right after Grand Howl. You will all go into your sixes and we inspect your six and give points based on how clean & tidy each six is - clean jumpers, hands & face, necker on correctly etc.


Right hand, three fingers, brought up to your temple. You will use the salute in Grand Howl & Flag break.

Scout sign

Three fingers, hold your hand shoulder height, using your right hand.


Done with left hand, it is a sign of great trust. When Baden Powell was in Africa, he noticed that all the tribal Chiefs had spears & shields. You had to put down your shield to shake with your left hand and leave the other person to hold the spear. So you were trusting them not to stab you with their spear.

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