Sixer and Seconder Duties

Cub Scout packs are divided into groups, or 'sixes'. The leader of the six is called the sixer, whom is usually the oldest in the six. He/she is like the team captain of the six. There is also a seconder, who is like a vice captain.

Sixer duties:

  • Taking a leading role in ceremonies
  • Helping new members
  • Organising a duty six rota
  • Leading a team in a game
  • Welcoming visitors to the pack
  • Tiding up equipment at the end of the meeting
  • Teaching younger cubs new skills
  • Able to accept responsibilities

Seconder duties:

  • Acting as a deputy to the sixer
  • Standing in for the sixer when they are away
  • Leading the six when the sixer is helping a new member settle in
  • Preparing the flag for flag break
  • Leading the opening and closing ceremony
  • Able to accept responsibility

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